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"A Lark Ascends: Florence Kate Upton, Artist and Illustrator"
by Norma S. Davis

Florence Kate Upton (1873-1922) was among the earliest illustrators of children's picture books. Her Golliwogg character, immediately loved by children, was the first fictional character to be mass-produced. "A Lark Ascends: Florence Kate Upton, Artist and Illustrator" is the first complete and accurate account of the original Golliwogg, filling a void in the history of children's literature and in the history of dolls.

As such, this fascinating and thoroughly researched history is an absolute must for the fan of the Golliwogg.

"A Lark Ascends" by Norma S. Davis

However, Florence Upton was also a respected artist, settling in London after studies in Paris, and this biography is a comprehensive study of her artistic career, bringing together for the first time reproductions of her major works. It, therefore, adds a rich and formerly unexplored chapter to the history of women in the arts.

Author Biography

Norma S. Davis is a member of the faculty in the Department of Humanities, Classics and Comparative Literature at Brigham Young University. Her specialty is nineteenth-century art.

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