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Golliwog Books

The first ever Golliwog (or Golliwogg) books are the books of verse written by Bertha Upton and illustrated by her daughter Florence. The mother and daughter worked together on thirteen illustrated books, all featuring the gallant little character and his adventures travelling to such exotic destinations as Africa and the North Pole, accompanied by his friends, the Dutch Dolls:

Florence Upton Bibliography

Title Date
The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg 1895
The Golliwogg's Bicycle Club 1896
The Golliwogg at the Sea-Side 1898
The Golliwogg in War 1899
The Golliwogg's Polar Adventure 1900
The Golliwogg's Auto-Go-Cart 1901
The Golliwogg's Air-Ship 1902
The Golliwogg's Circus 1903
The Golliwogg in Holland 1904
The Golliwogg's Fox Hunt 1905
The Golliwogg's Desert Island 1906
The Golliwogg's Christmas 1907
Golliwogg in the African Jungle 1909

Cover of "The Three Golliwogs", by Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton, one of the most prolific European writers, included the Golliwogs in many stories, but she only wrote three books primarily about Golliwogs: "The Three Golliwogs" (1944), "The Proud Golliwog" (1951), and "The Golliwog Grumbled" (1953). In the early 1980s, revised editions of Enid Blyton's Noddy books replaced Mr Golly, the Golliwog proprietor of the Toytown garage, with Mr Sparks.

To dispel the many theories about the origin of the Golliwogg and his name, as well as learning about the life of the young woman who created this lovable character, one only need to read the book "A Lark Ascends: Florence Kate Upton, Artist and Illustrator". This fascinating history, which was thoroughly researched by the author, Norma S. Davis and published by The Scarecrow Press, is an absolute must for the fan of the Golliwogg.

Another useful reference work is "Collecting Golliwoggs - Teddy Bear's Best Friends" by Dee Hockenberry and published by Schiffer Publications Ltd. in 2003. As is "Buy Golly!" by well known actor and singer Clinton Derricks, who has been been collecting golliwogs and black memorabilia for over twenty years.

While many Golliwog books are no longer available as new, a good source of rare, vintage and second-hand Golliwog books is the Internet auction site eBay.

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