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"Collecting Golliwoggs - Teddy Bear's Best Friends"
by Dee Hockenberry

In her first book about the adorable black-face dolls, "Collecting Golliwoggs - Teddy Bear's Best Friends", famed columnist Dee Hockenberry presents the origins and development of Golliwogg's popularity in the 20th century. Amongst many other things, she shows how Golliwogg came to be Teddy Bear's best friend, as well as a favourite of contemporary doll-makers and Robertson's Jams' mascot.

"Collecting Golliwoggs - Teddy Bears Best Friends" by Dee Hockenberry
"Collecting Golliwoggs" by Dee Hockenberry

The book includes over 425 color photographs of Goliwoggs manufactured by Steiff, Dean's, Chad Valley, Canterbury, Pedigree, Merrythought, and Wendy Boston, and those made by countless unknown and prominent modern doll artists. Current values appear with the captions. Also included are ceramics, art, boxes, golly games, puppets and robinson jam mascots.

"Collecting Golliwoggs - Teddy Bear's Best Friends" outlines all you need to know about how to get started collecting Gollies!

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