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Selling Golliwogs - Appraisals, Valuations & Auctions

In recent years Golliwogs have become a very collectable item, with many people looking to revisit childhood friends and memories, which has driven up the prices of Golly dolls, books, games, cards and Robertson's badges, brooches and figures, plus and many other items of Golliwog memorabilia.

In particular, some Robertson's Golly badges are highly collectable, with the very rarest sometimes selling for more than 1,000, and even comparatively common and recent badges being worth 2.003.00.

Unfortunately, if you are looking to sell any Golliwog related items we are unable to give free valuations or appraisals.

However, an easy way to find a wide variety of memorabilia or to get a "ball park" valuation for any Golly or Robertson's dolls, toys and collectables that you may be thinking of selling is to look on the online auction site eBay.

Simply search for whatever you're looking for:

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