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"Little Black Sambo"
by Helen Bannerman

"The Story of Little Black Sambo" is a children's book by Helen Bannerman, a Scottish author who wrote a number of children's books. She lived for a good proportion of her life in India, where her husband was an officer in the Indian Medical Service.

Set in a fairy tale India, "Little Black Sambo" tells the story of a little boy who has to sacrifice to tigers his new red coat and his new blue trousers and his new purple shoes- which the tiger wears on his ears- but he outwits the predators in his world, to return safely home and eat 169 pancakes for his supper.

"Little Black Sambo", from the cover of the 1899 edition by Helen Bannerman

First published in 1899, "Little Black Sambo" was a children's favourite for half a century before it became controversial, because it was presumed to be racist.

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