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Gaiety Golly Dollies
- Hand-made Knitted Golliwog Dolls

Woodstock Golly Dollies are all individually hand-made, so they are totally unique and highly collectable and would make a perfect present for any doll lover or Golly fan/collector. No other Golliwog Dolls are made exactly like these - so buy one now!

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Gaiety Golly Dolly - Hand-made Knitted Golliwog/Golliwogg Doll
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"Gaiety" Golly Dolly
Hand-made knitted Golliwog soft toy doll, approx. 10-11 inches (26-28cm) tall. Taking pride in their appearance, the "Gaiety" Golly Dolly has rainbow trousers with a pink belt, a bright yellow top and a rainbow waistcoat. They also have a nice big smile!

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Customer testimonials:

"I have ordered seven golliwogs so far and I adore them. They are well made and a great price, delivery was quick and the packaging protective. These are the best examples of knitted golliwogs I have seen and are much more adorable than the cloth one.. I would recommend these to anyone"
Laura, Devon, UK

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